Recommended Bible Reading Plans


Bible App Required 

DownLoad "Holy Bible - YouVersion" to your smart device 

  1. From the Home screen, select App Store / Play Store  
  2. In the search bar, type " Bible " then search 
  3. Select the YouVersion Bible app then " Install"

       Or you can download it directly to your device by clicking on the link below depending on your device:



New to Faith




Walking with Jesus (40 Days)

How did twelve ordinary men become extraordinary?

Thirty-One Truths: Who I Am in Christ (32 Days)

A snapshot look at how Ephesians 1-2 portrays our new identity in Christ.

What is the Bible, And Why Does it Matter? (10 Days)

Nearly all the problems people have in understanding the Bible start with misunderstanding of what the book is.


Growing in Faith




Bible in One Year 2020 with Nicky Gumbel (1 Year)         

The plan takes readers through the entirety o Scripture in one year with daily commentary.                          


Biblical Storyline Reading Plan (1 Year)

Read the entire Bible in it’s ancient literary order (The TaNaK order) with videos. How Jesus would have read it then follow by the New Testament.






Why Jesus? (5 Days)

Many people today are puzzled about Jesus. This plan answers many questions about Jesus.

Why Easter (5 Days)

What’s so important about Easter? Why is there so much interest in a person born 2000 years ago?

How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit (6 Days)

Learning how to be filled with the Holy Spirit is the most important discovery of the Christian life.

Do You Know Why God Made You? (7 Days)

This plan will help you understand what the Bible says about your purpose and how to discover why God made you.