Recommended Films & Videos

Full Flame: Igniting Your Passion For The Lost 

Reinhard Bonnke 


1. Lost  At Sea 

2. The Matchless Message (China)

3. Who Jesus Calls and Equips (Brazil) | The Art of the Impossible (Egypt)

4. How I learned Faith (Kenya) | How to Conquer Fear (Indonesia)

5. Fire, The Ensign of the Gospel (Australia) | Relying on the Anointing (Japan)

6. Livining in the Miraculous (India) | The Power of Proclamation (Russia)

7. The Man is the Message (Germany) | The Revival Detonator (United Kingdom)

8. Principles for Success (United States)


Jesus films collection 


Full film  "JESUS" (English)

                    "JESUS" (Vienamese)

Full film  Passion Of The Christ 


Encouraging Message to SCC  

A video encouraging message from David Smethurst -"Rescue and Provision Project" in Odessa for  our church. Please click the link below to view the video message.

David Smethurst, on behalf of Rescue and Provision Project in Odessa, sends his Thank You to SCC brothers and sisters who have prayed, supported and generously given.

Click to watch: “God has Faith in you” (version with Odessa photos)