David Smethurst


David Smethurst is an international missionary and evangelist. He has also pioneered orphanages in deprived areas of Eastern Europe, including Latvia, Ukraine, Lebanon and Serbia.  The Smethurst Ministries was planted in 1972, and together with his wife Margurita, have travelled extensively ministering the love of God, giving humanitarian aid to the poor and needy. Through regular missions to these war-torn nations, thousands have come to know the Lord.



David is also a long-time friend of SCC and his ministry for the orphanages is close to the heart of the church. SCC is currently supporting David’s orphanage ministry financially which is bearing fruit as seen from the testimonies that David shares during his regular visits to SCC.

For more infomation please visit Smethurst Ministries website at http://www.smethurstministries.com/

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