How we use sensitive Personal Information?

We may use your sensitive personal information in the following ways:

  • Your mental or physical health, racial origin, sexual orientation or criminal record in order to provide you with support and pastoral care.  We may also use this information to help you access support and benefits if appropriate and requested by you.
  • Your religious beliefs in order to administer your membership of our church.
  • Your DBS check (which may contain information relating to criminal offences or presence on a register) to decide your suitability for roles in the church

Information about Children

Whilst information relating to children is not considered to be special category information, it is information that is given specific protection.  Where the child is under the age of 13 we will always ask for the consent of parents before allowing the child to set up an account in iKnow and ensure that the parent are able to access and administer the account.

Where a child is 13 or over then we will permit the child to have their own iKnow account, but we may (if we believe it to be appropriate in the circumstances) inform the parents. We will tell the child at the time of signing up that we may inform their parents and we will only do this where it is appropriate and lawful to do so.

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