God healed my leg---Sister Liu Aiming

A month ago, pain started in my right leg from the calf downwards. Not only it was very painful, it was swollen very badly too. I went to see the doctor, he told me that the varicose veins in my leg were twisted and have stopped the blood flow, causing pain, swelling and a large area of bruising. The whole of my lower leg turned dark purple. The pain lasted for several weeks, but instead of improving it became worst. Because of the pain I could not sleep well at night. It also caused me a lot of inconvenience at work. I was very anxious and upset.  During this period I saw the doctors several times, asking them to treat me urgently to ease the pain (because the pain was unbearable). The doctors said that there is lack of funding in the NHS and they were unable to offer me early treatment. They needed to raise funds which could take at least three months. Therefore, for the moment, all they could do was to prescribe me with some painkillers to relief the pain. I took two painkillers every night to help me to sleep. 

I was very frustrated and helpless with the doctors' limitations and the waiting time, so I started to cry out to God. I said, “Lord, please heal me and take away the pain. I really need to work, I need an income to support my family. I am unable to work with this pain in my leg.” About two weeks ago, I started going to the front at the end of the church services to receive prayers. After a few times of prayers, I noticed that the pain in my leg improved significantly. The pain reduced day by day, as well as the swelling. Two weeks later, the pain and the swelling completely disappeared. Even the skin discoloration due to bruising gradually changed from dark purple to a much lighter colour as well. I was so surprised that my leg recovered so quickly, it was indeed a miracle. I know that God had healed me, He heard my cry and answered my prayers. I was so thankful. I want to share my testimony with you to give glory to our God, the Lord Jesus. Indeed He is truly a real and a living God. There is none who can compare with His Might and Power. What is impossible with man is possible with God! Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!


Set free from insomnia---Sister Lucy Yu

Since year 2000, I suffered from insomnia. This started when I had to make a difficult and crucial decision to look after either my daughter or be with my husband. I chose my daughter and had to leave my husband, which led to our divorce. The divorce hurt my husband and myself badly, causing me to feel very guilty.  I tried different treatments for the insomnia. My GP referred me to specialists and did various sleeping tests. I tried other alternative treatments as well (such as massages, acupuncture). I even searched on the internet for different medicines. When I was in China, I was a doctor practising both traditional Chinese and western medicines. I used my medical knowledge to find medicines from China, America, and any recommended medicines for insomnia. But nothing worked. I also tried spiritual methods such as Yoga, Qi Gong (spiritual martial art), Indian palm reading, charms, Feng Shui, where they put something on my headboard and in my house. But none of these worked.             

In 2009, the insomnia was most severe. Most nights I couldn't sleep, sometimes I slept only one hour a night. In one month I would have slept for about 20 hours in total. Sometimes I would take 3 to 4 sleeping tablets, but they had no effect. I also took medicines for anti-depressant. Once again nothing seemed to work.

In April 2013, a friend of mine told me about God's healing in SCC. She brought me to the church and I accepted Jesus. My purpose was for healing.  For a long while my condition improved, but still suffer from insomnia from time to time. I did not have much understanding of the bible and did not understand why God did not respond to my prayer. However, teacher An encouraged me to praise and worship God from my heart.  In the past, I attended healing retreats in other churches, and was able to sleep for 14 nights, but unfortunately it did not last. Since I started attending the cell group, it has helped me a lot. I have learnt how to pray, to read the bible and to worship God. 

By the time the two miracle worship services started, I have grown spiritually and in biblical truths. My worship has improved as well, I learnt to seek God not man; and to seek Him and not His healing. Although during the first miracle worship service, I did not sense much happened, but from that night I was able to sleep for the first time. Now, two weeks on, I am still sleeping well. Praise the Lord! I noticed the key difference between the healing this time and the temporary healing before is was that even after the first service, I feel peace in my heart and deep inside I believe I can sleep and I know I have been healed. Before I did not believe that I could sleep, I still had anxiety and I felt harassed spiritually. When I looked at my bed, fear would grip me, thoughts of one more night of sleeplessness would fill my mind. This carried on night after night, and week after week. 

In conclusion: my breakthrough came when I seek Him alone and not what He can do for me during the worship services. In doing so, I was healed.


God cares for me, He knows all my needs --- Sister Mary

I was not able to attend the first miracle worship service due to the travel disruption and stormy weather that Sunday. At the second miracle worship service, Choi Suk introduced Sady to me and told me she had a prophetic word for me. In the first miracle worship service, she said that someone called Mary was under a lot of attacks. During my conversation with her, she knew about the pain under my right ribs. Since 5/6 years ago, I had pains under my right ribs a few times during a year, sometimes the pain was unbearable. X-RAY was taken several times but doctors could not find the cause. I was prescribed with some painkillers to take. I did not tell anyone, to prevent them from worrying about me.  I was shocked, through Sady God let me know that He knows my pain, He cares for me, He loves me. This is my first experience. God is so faithful. I am very grateful to God for His care for me.  I have a scan appointment on the 29th August and would like our brothers and sister to pray for me. Glory to the Lord!


God's Wonder (A voice from an old Christian, ZhanRunjuan,76 years old)

Just before my husband die, he took my hand, smiled, and said to me, “Juan, we meet in heaven”. Then he did not open his eyes. I cared for my sick husband for a long time, I was exhausted.  What was amazing was that when I returned alone to our empty house, I did not feel alone, instead, my soul was longing for God and I felt the His presence of God. After everything was sorted, I returned to Shanghai and underwent a full health check. The results showed cerebral arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, fatty liver, spleen swelling, eczema, insomnia and many other symptoms, the doctor pre- scribed a large bag of medicines for me. After I returned to London, I did not take the medicines. I constantly knelt and prayed to God for wisdom, eagerly desiring God to respond to healing, yearning to know the will of God. In the church, I listened to the pastors’ sermons, prayers, and the wonderful songs of praise from brothers and sisters.

When reading the Bible, I was always reading the book of Genesis, but I could not understand it. I thought “Is it because I am old?” I kept turning to Genesis 1:29 where God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.” It spoke to me of God’s creation. Whenever I walk in a large green field on a day with blue sky and or in a forest looking at the plants, I see God’s creation. Whenever I see purple lavender flowers or the waves of the sea, I see beauty. They make my heart joyful and my spirit spontaneously singing praise songs.

I continued with prayers to God for His healing power to come over me. Our Miracle Worship Services at August gave me more confidence. With brothers and sisters’ spirit-led songs of praise, pastor’s anointed prayers, I was ushered deeply into God’s love and His wonderful Grace. Even a sister’s mobile ringing tone sounded like an angel speaking to me and that was pleasant! My heart was filled with joy, I had the impression that God has healed me.  At the end of August I underwent another full health check. The doctor’s report was clear, all the symptoms diagnosed by the previous doctors a few years ago in at Shanghai have disappeared!  With my increased age, my health should have got worse, but instead our Heavenly Father took them away completely, one hundred percent! I am in awe of God's great love and wonderful works! I am renewed like an eagle and soaring high! I lift my hands high and shout: Hallelujah!