We want to be a community church in the heart of London. Our focus is to reach those in the Chinese community. However, our heart is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone in London and internationally. We believe it is God’s plan to raise Christians from London to reach the nations of the world and we welcome anyone, no matter what nationality or ethnic origin, to join us in this ministry.

The gospel message we preach is the finished work of Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection. This is summarised in who He is and what He has achieved for us. Through the amazing love and grace God has given to all, we receive salvation and the power for living. It is a totally free and unconditional gift for anyone who receives Him as Lord and Saviour. We also believe that the Christian Faith is relevant in our society today and can make a positive difference to the lives of individuals. No matter what past experiences we've had with Christianity, once we've understood the message of the Bible, our lives will change for the better. We are confident in this message simply because it is the truth.



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