Now That I Am Saved - What Next?



Now that you are a born-again believer, a Christian, there are a few things you need to know and do.


What's happened to me?

You are now reconciled with God through Jesus your Saviour and Lord. Accepted into His spiritual family and adopted as His child. God is now your Heavenly Father and He will be involved in your life to help you, to guide you and to teach you.


What are my next steps?

You need to do the following:

-  Get to know God

-  Be part of His family

-  Learn to walk with God and be His disciple



Getting to know God

You can get to know God through spending time with Him as your Heavenly Father. We sometimes call this 'doing devotions'. There are no hard rules for this, but we recommend you spend at least 30 mins every day in a quiet place alone with God. During that time you can do the following:


-  Worship

-  Read the Bible

-  Pray


Ask a mature Christian friend to explain each one these to you.


Get yourself a Bible! The Bible is the word of God. This is your spiritual food and also wisdom to assist you in your new life. The Bible is also the primary way God will speak to you. Learn to love the Bible and make it the most important book in your life. You can purchase a Bible from any bookshop. If you are not sure, ask someone next time you are in church. You can also read the Bible for free online at various websites or download free apps. Start reading the gospel of Luke and then Acts.

There are many versions of the Bible to choose from. Some are designed for easier reading and others for studying. For recommended versions of the Bible and other helpful resources, see “Helpful Resources” page.


Be part of His family

Join a church, not all churches are the same, pray that you find one that you really feel at home in and where you can learn about God. The nearest church may not always be the best church for you. Best to ask a mature Christian friend to recommend you a church.


Walking with God

Now that you are a Christian it also means God is also your teacher. Like all fathers who desire to teach and train their children, so does our Heavenly Father. He does this through the person of the Holy Spirit. The Bible calls the Holy Spirit the Helper and He is there to guide and teach you. He does it in His own mysterious ways; you will notice this more and more with time. God wants to be involved in your life and for you to know His ways. Life for you is now a journey walking with God and learning from Him. Over time, you will find yourself changing in all aspects of your life.

God has a plan and purpose for every person. He is the Creator of all. It is therefore important for you to discover the purpose God has for your life. This is one of the joys in life: to know who you are and what you should do.

Be encouraged and enjoy the rest of your new life in Christ!




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